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Music & Prayers

For the Parents, cont'd

The official regalia of the Order shall be worn by Officers and Bethel Choir at all meetings. It consists of the white Grecian robe, long white slip which may be full or half, white stockings which may be long or knee high, white flat shoes or white sandals without color, capes and crowns for Honored Queen, Senior Princess and Junior Princess, headbands for all other Officers.

Each meeting the members and visitors unite in an attitude of prayer


The Attitude of Prayer is assumed by placing open hands palm to palm along the twisted cord area of your robe.  Head is slightly bowed, assuming the attitude of prayer.  Return your hands to you side, after prayer.


Only clear/natural nail polish should be worn to a Jobie Meeting. Members may wear membership jewlery or two pieces of jewelry approved by the council. Hair accessories are required to be natural hair color.

The Lord's Prayer
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Mother's Father's Guardian's Prayer
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Lord's Prayer
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We have bethel songs associated with specific parts of our meetings

While not all songs are included here, some of the songs we sing at every meeting follow: Click on each title for a pop-up of the YouTube video associated for each song.