What is Job's Daughters?


Job's Daughters is a youth organization for young women ages 10-20, who are related to Master Masons.

We as members have been bonded together by our masonic heritage, but it is the work that we continue to do that joins us as sisters.  Our order teaches many of the highest ideals that prepare us for future successes as adults, mothers, wives, business women, leaders and friends.


Job's Daughters teaches respect for ourselves, parents and others. 

We learn leadership, organizational and communication skills,  reverence for sacred things, loyalty, kindness, giving, love of books, arts and education.

This organization teaches us to have love for our country, flag and freedoms that have been given to us as citizens of the United States.

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for girls, ages 7-10

This program is designed for girls ages 7-10 that have a Masonic connection. If you would like to explore Job's Daughters, but are not old enough to join.  Then you should come check us out!


You will learn all about Job's Daughters, do fun activities, participate in the opening and closing of the Bethel and enjoy other fun activities with the "older" girls.